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Florida Leather

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About the Mr. / Ms. Florida Leather & Fetish Pride Title

The Mr. / Ms. Florida Leather & Fetish Pride (FLFP) contest is an ‘educational and learning’ contest and the titles are working titles that continue to focus on educating the communities in Florida. This contest is open to anyone, regardless of sex, race, orientation, who considers themselves to be into the leather, fetish, kink, BDSM lifestyle(s). This can include, but is not limited to identifying as: Sir, Ma’am, boy/boi, girl, mommy, daddy, puppy & other critters, furries, bootblacks, etc. Contestants should apply for the Mr. / Ms. Contests based upon how they identify (male/female) as opposed to their birth gender. Should contestants’ identity as gender neutral / fluid, they may choose either contest to enter, but not both.

Mr./Ms. FLaFP 2018 Judging Staff

Mr. Florida Leather & Fetish Pride 2017
Co-Head Judge
Baby Pup Bandit has been a part of the leather and kink community for several years and offering his service to the community in a variety of way however he can. He is also a pup outside of his service aspects and enjoys a plethora of fetishes which include, but are not limited to the following: Adult Diaper/ Diaper Lover, Pup Play, Watersports, Leather, Bondage, and Humiliation, and several others that you may ask him about. This baby pup has been able to truly express who he really is through the love and support of this community, and for that he will always be extremely thankful! Baby Pup Bandit is also the second Mr. Florida Leather & Fetish Pride (2017.)
Ms. Florida Leather & Fetish Pride 2017
Co-Head Judge
A_Midnight_Angel identifies as a Pansexual Poly-bi switch, and is currently in service to MHirokata and LilLady Aalyanna for 15 years now. A Midnight Angel has been educating the BDSM Community for over 18 years now, and has taught in 25 States, she enjoys bottoming to needles, fireplay, fire cupping, wax play, saline infusion, and other extreme plays with other play partners.
Jake is International Leatherboy 2016 and South Central Leatherboy 2016.  He began his leather journey in Saint Petersburg, FL. His first experience in BDSM was with a female dom who flogged him, not only his first time, but also several subsequent times. Growing in the Florida Leather Community, Jake became a member and Secretary of the Tampa Leather Club. Jake moved from Florida to Dallas several years ago where has continued to his growth. He is now a member of Discipline Corps and H.O.M.E. He also serves as President of the Lone Star boys of Leather, an organization he founded earlier last year. One of his greatest passions is mentoring boys.  When not serving the Leather Community, you can find boy jake tending to his estate liquidation business, caring for Leather as a Bootblack, or tied up somewhere. 
BJApries Onyx has been on his leather journey for the past 10 years. Since 2007, he has been a full member of ONYXSE, and is currently Mr. SECC 2017.  He is retired military and a community's advocate of homeless teenagers and veterans as well as HIV/AIDS supporter and educator.  BJApries Onyx has a MBA and held several education and Academic Chairs at several proprietary and community colleges on the southeast.
Noelle Ma'am joined the Tampa Bay Leather community in 1995. During this time she has been involved in a number of events and organizations across the Tampa Bay and greater Central Florida region including Tampa Leather Club, WPEN, Fetish Circuit, the Central Florida chapter of the NLA where she served as both Treasurer and co-chair, NLA-I, and Fantasy Fetish Fest. Known as a welcoming and knowledgeable person, she had dedicated time, energy, and passion to helping newcomers find their place.
Judges' boi
boi rayvn is a female identified leather boi who is gender fluid. boi rayvn currently serves her household in a M/s Power Exchange with her Sir, Daddy Mo and a D/s Power Exchange with boy Ciaran (boy of Daddy Mo). boi rayvn began searching for the lifestyle while in the military in 1992. After a bad experience in 1993 she left the lifestyle. In 1996, no longer able to deny her desire for service, discipline and order, she rediscovered the BDSM community through IRC and AOL, but it was not enough. From 2001 until the present, boi rayvn has been fulfilling her need to be of service by helping in unofficial ways at local gatherings and through volunteering with organizations and at local events such as: Bash, Florida Power Exchange, Florida Leather and Fetish Pride, Florida Puppy Contest, Florida Fantasy Fetish Fest, and the Florida Leather Sir/boy & Community Bootblack. boi rayvn is a founding member of S.O.L.E., a community group that supports charities through sales from donated leather and fetish gear, and was a judge for DNA 2016. Bootblacking is a passion of boi rayvns’ since her time in the Army. boi rayvn, bootblacks at local and extended community events when she can.
Tally Master #1 Amanda has continued serving her community as Florida's 2016 Community Bootblack. Driven by service, you will find Amanda coordinating the stands and volunteering wherever is needed throughout the Southeast. Being a Bootblack is her passion but some of her favorite things include Needles, Gas Masks, and of course boots!
Sir GethanTally Master #2 Sir Gethan and his girl Roseblu have been together for four years. Rose was brand new to the lifestyle and her journey pretty much began the day she met Gethan. The two of them live within an eclectic blend of Leather, Victorian, and some Gorean concepts and ideology. Rose brings an eagerness to learn and Gethan opens doorways for her to continue that learning in the various arenas of the lifestyle. Service and protocol server as a foundation of their relationship, but it is not everything they share, they are both fun and energetic and pursue life in the kink community with verve and vigor. They are happy to meet and greet all of the people in the lifestyle young or old, new or veteran… There is always something to explore.